Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Belated Weekend Recap

Ugh yes, I know it's Wednesday and I'm posting about this past weekend. I still am trying to get back into the hang of blogging!! It'll take a little bit of time for me to figure out when and how often I'm going to post with this new way of blogging. Also, since I'm literally just posting about my daily life, there will most likely be several posts that are pretty boring or mundane haha. But today I am just recapping my weekend! 

On Friday I went with my boyfriend (Miller) to take three 10 year olds to see Finding Dory. Haha sounds pretty fabulous right? Two of the girls were his sisters so it actually was really fun. I don't know about y'all, but I just flat out refuse to pay a million dollars at the movie theater for a ticket, popcorn, candy, and a drink. It's just insane. I'm all about supporting the movie theaters and I will continue to do so through buying movie tickets, but I learned a long time ago to buy my snacks elsewhere. Some movie theater hacks I have learned is to go to Target and buy their popcorn (literally it is so good), a bottled drink, and some candy. I bring a large purse or tote bag to carry everything in (with my jacket on top). Drug stores are also a good place to load up on candy and drinks...they just don't have popcorn. This particular trip we were running a little behind and didn't have time to go to Target. I normally don't mind being late to movies because it means skipping the previews, but this was the second day that Finding Dory was out and it was a rainy Friday afternoon, so I expected it to be swamped. There happened to be a drug store near the theater we were going to so we all went in and grabbed one thing of candy and a drink. The movie was absolutely precious! I even admit to tearing up at one point haha. I would definitely recommend seeing it (for someone of any age). This is one that I would also love to see again when it comes out on DVD or Netflix. The little girls (and even Miller) loved the movie as well. We chatted about our favorite parts all the way home. 

After the movie Miller and I went to pick up my race day package from Big Dog Running Company (eek!!) and went to dinner at Panera to carbo load before the big day. Why we chose to do this at Panera, I do not know. I got their Mac and Cheese and REALLY regretted it the next morning. I had an early bedtime and an even earlier wake up time Saturday morning. 

**So a quick side note (and more on it later). I have recently been focusing really hard on getting into shape and eating good, healthy food. This weekend marked the end of my first month and a half on this lifestyle change and I was celebrating with my second road race and first 5 miler!!

I actually owe a lot of credit to my dad for me running in the Heat Wave 5 Miler. If it weren't for his text that "There was coffee ready downstairs", I would have completely overslept and missed the race. Luckily my phone was on loud and his text woke me up in just enough time to throw on a race day outfit, chug some coffee, scarf down an English muffin, grab my headphones and water and speed to Miller's house. Miller happened to live 2 seconds away from the starting point (which had no parking available) so he offered to let me drive to his house and park and he would drive me and drop me at the starting point then meet me downtown at the finish line when it was over to drive me back. All this happened at 7:30 in the morning so I was VERY grateful for his generosity!! This was only my second road race (my first was two weeks before and was a 5K so a lot shorter) and it was the first time I was running alone AND the first time I was running 5 miles. The humidity was crazy high and I was super nervous but all in all the race went super well!! I was expecting to walk a good bit, but guess what...I RAN THE WHOLE THING!!! I finished it in 51.04!! Faster than Miller expected because he wasn't even there yet when I crossed the finish line (same thing happened the first race lol). I was so so proud of myself. It definitely made the tough training days and early mornings worth it! I got 8th in my division and 147th overall. There was a little under 300 racers so it's not as bad as it looks haha! Miller and I celebrated by pigging out at my favorite place to eat--Dinglewood (It's a local favorite that serves scrambled dogs).  After a nice long shower and a little rest time, I went to the movies with two friends, Mollie and Jack. Yes, I went to the movies two days in a row, and no, that is not normal for me! I was able to use the left over candy from the previous day to hold all three of us through the movie, so there was no need for a Target or CVS run this time! We went to see the movie Secret Life of Pets. I was actually more excited to see this one than Finding Dory. However, I didn't like Pets nearly as much. It was cute and all, and I liked it, I just didn't love it. I don't think I would see it again but I'm definitely still glad I went. I finished Saturday night off with some babysitting (Miller's little sister again) and a lot of lounging. 

SO pumped that I ran the entire thing!
Can't run without my Nike Running App!! I love that it tracks my location, distance, time, pace, calories burned, etc!!
So thankful for my #1 fan!!

Sunday was a little more of a recovery day. I got to sleep in and did a more relaxed workout. My little sister (Chandler) is also into the health craze so she went with me. We also went to Fresh Market to stock up on some fresh produce and other essentials for the week. A little tradition that my family has on Sunday nights is to grill out. We usually do chicken or fish, along with veggies and either fruit or a salad. It is one of my favorite things and Miller and my sister's boyfriend usually come too. This weekend we had Tuna steak. My dad and brother (Hunter) went to Venice, Louisiana for the 4th of July to fish, so we are stocked up on yummy (and somewhat fresh) fish! The rest of the night was full of more relaxation and fighting over the remote control with my sister!

This post was probably way longer than most will be because I had a super packed weekend. But this is kinda what the posts will be like for now on! I'm excited to be able to document my life and look back on it and remember everything I've done. Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to follow along!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

I'm Back!!

Hey yall!! Wow... I can't believe it has been a little over a year since I started this blog! Unfortunately I had to give it up when I went abroad last fall. I had such a full plate between school work from Furman, school work from the local college (Vesalius), my internship at the European Parliament, and weekend travels that I just couldn't swing the blogging as well. Looking back though, I really wish I had blogged about my time abroad so I could go back and read about my everyday experiences! That actually leads me to my big news! I have decided to completely change my blog and what it focuses on. There are SO many bloggers out there that have amazing pages dedicated to perfect outfits, to die for apartments, and vacations one could only dream of... So many of them that I actually get super overwhelmed trying to keep up with them all! What I really wish I could read more of were blogs about just normal, everyday lives. I know that might sound a little bizarre, and maybe it has something to do with my obsession with reality TV shows (yes, I admit that I watch the Real Housewives AND Kardashians), but I really like following people's day to day lives. With that being said, I have decided to make my blog just that...a diary of my daily life! I think it will be a great way for me to document my life and maybe there is someone else out there that loves reading about other people the way I do! This will also be a good way for me to still tie in a little of my old blog with the occasional fashion post, or DIY tutorial. I'm really excited for this new change and I hope y'all are too! 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Midweek Catch Up

Some of yall may already know from my Instagram feed (don't follow me yet? Let's be friends! @ColorfullyCarsyn), but I'm spending this week at the beach. And I'm absolutely loving it! The weather has been great so far and I'm just so glad that I get some time to relax before I hit the ground running next week! I figured today's post would be a great time to just catch up on everything going on! Also, here is a little sneak peak of my vacation so far!
Does it get much better than this house?!

Whenever I try to imagine my happy place, I will now think of this very spot!

The beach is a perfect excuse to wear every Lilly thing you own! (Not that you ever need an excuse)

Told you I was obsessed! 
Last week I did a mini series for all the girls that are getting ready to head off to college! Eeek! Still so pumped for yall! In case yall missed them, you can catch up here, here, and here! I talked about everything from what to expect your first year to look like, to how to avoid the Freshman 15, to Sorority Recruitment! Definitely worth the read if you're still nervous and unsure about college! I also did a little debate/review on different types of backpacks which you can find here! Depending on your personality, you might prefer the tradition backpack over a trendy tote. But how awesome is it that we actually have the option to be cute when lugging around a million books nowadays!? Another exciting thing that I posted about was the Kate Spade Giveaway!! Ok yall, this purse is SO CUTE! The color is GREAT for the transitional season and you could rock this purse at any age! It's especially awesome for you college girls who just want to carry around your student ID, drivers license, keys, debit card, and some gum or lip gloss! 
Blog Posts

Are we friends on Instagram yet? I know back to school shopping is high on your list right now. I've recently gone through my closet to sort out what I want to pack and what I need to leave behind. I've found that I have lots of great clothes that either just don't fit the way they used to, or just aren't getting the amount of love they deserve! I've created a Instagram called @ShopCarsynsCloset and listed all of these clothes on it at really great prices! There are some Lilly Pulitzer, Jcrew, Vineyard Vines, Kate Spade, and many other brands listed! All are in great condition and some even have the tags still on them! This is a great option if you want to get some nice clothes without breaking the bank!
You may have have seen in my About Me post, that I am the owner of LifeLoveLilly an Etsy Shop. Since I'm packing up to head abroad for the upcoming semester, I am having to close my shop for a few months! This is the last week to make an order and have your item(s) shipped out by August, 16th! So stock up on your last minute summer sandals, game day sandals, monogram decals, Bubba Kegs, canvases, and all things Lilly!! 
Lilly Pulitzer Sandals

Thanks for catching up with me and I'm sure to have some great posts coming out later this week!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Backpacks for College: Traditional vs Trendy

Getting back-to-school ready isn't so bad when you get to do it from the beach! I'm so excited that I get to spend one last week in the sun and by the water before I really have to hit the ground running. I'm sure you're all making your lists and checking them twice for all the stuff you have to get in order before you head off to school! For the next month, I will be linking up with a few other amazing bloggers once a week to share all kinds of useful advice in regards to school! Today's post, and the first of the series, is all about backpacks! I know that sounds pretty odd, but if you're about to head off to college, or are already in college (or high school) then this post might actually be really beneficially for you!

When I first started college, I decided I would just use my high school backpack which was a North Face one. However, as time went on, I just felt like it was cramping my style (yeah, I went there!) I just didn't like dressing up for class then having to wear a bulky backpack which often pulled at my clothes. And have you ever tried to wear a backpack and a dress or skirt? If so, then you know exactly how disastrous that can be! You basically have to pull your dress/skirt down every 5 steps and that's just not cute or practical. 

Now I'm not completely bashing traditional backpacks...I actually still have mine and use it occasionally. If you are more of a tshirt and nikes type girl or you just don't tend to dress up for class, then backpacks are a perfectly good option! They keep your hands free while you're walking to and from classes which is always a plus. They are also easier to run with when you have 3 minutes to get from your bed to class (yes, it will happen to you!). Like I said, backpacks can be great, it just depends on you and your preferences!

When I decided to make my initial switch from the traditional backpack, I chose to use a Longchamp "Large Le Pilage" tote. It was a great option because it was big enough to hold my books, notebooks, planner, laptop, and charger. I kept this one for a few months until my birthday rolled and I got one of my most favorite presents yet (thanks again, mom!)...a Tory Burch York Tote. You may have already heard me rave about this bag here. This bag is PERFECT for all students and #girlbosses alike! It's cute, classic, sturdy, large, spacious, AND the best feature of all time is the zip section in the middle that is sized to fit a Mac Book Pro!! 

So I know you probably looked at the title of this post and thought uhh...what...but I hope after reading it you now realize why it is actually an important topic to think about when transitioning from high school to college! (or for girls still in high school or already in college!) Both options have their positives and negatives so it really just comes down to what your personal preferences are. I have linked below the North Face backpack, Longchamp bag, and Tory Burch tote that I discussed, plus a few more cute options! 

What is your favorite way to carry your books and school supplies? Are you a tote/purse girl or traditional backpack girl?

PS- Have you entered the Kate Spade giveaway yet?? Time is running out!! Enter here!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Kate Spade Giveaway!

So this past week I've been writing a mini series called "Dear Freshman Me". I covered a few topics that every college freshman should know before they step foot on campus. In case you missed it, I talked about attitude (what to expect college to be like), how to avoid the freshman 15, and sorority recruitment. In last night's post, I hinted at a Kate Spade Giveaway which is happening right now!! 

 Who wants to win a Kate Spade "date purse"!? Myself and four lovely ladies have pulled together to bring y'all this Kate Spade giveaway! I go weak in the knees for anything Kate Spade. Purses, wallets, clothes.. there are so many pretty things to choose from!  We're giving y'all the chance to win the Monday purse from the Kate Spade Cedar Street collection. It's perfect for bopping around town or going out with your special guy :) It's also PERFECT to have as a college gal!

Before you enter say hello to the ladies behind this pretty giveaway!



Hi! I'm Abbey, a human science and holistic nutrition student. I blog at Earl Grey + Honey, a lifestyle blog with a little bit of everything and a lot of sarcasm. On the blog you'll find musings of my daily life, travel, whole food recipes & fool proof DIY's. Plus, a cat picture or two on occasion. I'd love for you to stop by!



Hi! I'm Ashley and you can find me over at The Ashley Maria Blog. This is a life and style blog that focuses on fashion for the everyday girl on a budget. You will also find plenty of recipes, DIY tutorials and design advice! 



I'm a southern girl that loves Jesus, glitter, anything pink, and am absolutely passionate about my family. I blog about anything and everything and am just trying to wade the waters of post divorce life.



Hey, I'm Jennifer! Lover of pretty clothes, gym rat with a foodie's heart, follower of Christ, and cat eye enthusiast. I endeavor to live life to the fullest, one lovely little moment at a time. Boone & Owl is my corner of the world to share life, style, beauty tips, and easy recipes! It is a happy space that I hope encourages and inspires you. If you're looking for lifestyle, fashion, and good eats, I'm your girl! Let's be friend, yes? :)



This giveaway in not open to international entries. I'm sorry international friends!

Giveaway runs from Friday July 31st - Friday August 7th. One winner will be chosen at random and announced by Monday August 10th. Thank you so much for entering this giveaway, and best of luck!

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